Random Mel-bourne…I’m not just in the name

I think I like Melbourne because of it’s quirky and randomness.  Take for example the alleys with cool bars and cafes or a factory in a suburb that has theatre…it’s like my head; full of weird randomness! That is what you will find in my blog, I’m a runner but I am adventurous and often end up backstage, in a media area, talking to cool people cos I’m interested. I’m interested in what makes people tick.ImageSome recent randomness, I was riding my old blue Malvern (Vintage bike), when World Class cyclist for Australia (track) and GreenEdge, Jack Bobridge passed by on Elizabeth St, in the city. I took the opportunity to have a chat and talk Scott Bikes, and how he balances track with road.  I was really impressed, I’ve watched him race and definitely a big future ahead for this young rider. Look forward to seeing him ride in the Giro, his first Grand Tour for team GreenEdge.  Go Jacko!