Ron Clarke, Warnie and Thorpie’s big shoe!

I recently spent time at the MCG Sport Museum, with former Olympian and Glenhuntly Aths man, Trevor Vincent.  He guided through a  quick tour of the place, looking at all themed areas, like “Olympics”, with medals, old shoes, and uniforms from Olympics that have passed.  I was like a kid in a lolly shop, so excited, heart racing and frothing at the mouth by the sight of my surroundings!  If I could nominate Heaven on Earth, it would be a beach and in 2nd place would be this MCG Sports Museum!  Interestingly, I went and saw Warnie (Shane Warne), not one of my favourite people to be honest.  However, he was set as a hologram with the lockers as a back drop, talking about career highs and lows.  My opinion has changed somewhat to recognise that he was a brilliant, fast and tactical thinker, within his trade of Cricket.  It made me think that some of the best in the world have personality traits that make them ‘invincible’.  I haven’t been number one in the world, however times I have won races, I certainly got such a buzz, as to do some pretty crazy stuff at after parties! There is a loss of in hibition when there is a feeling of high.  His life would have become one long after party, as always in the that adrenalin charged environment. No excuses for bad behaviour, but don’t you find it an interesting link in world’s best, acting out?  Hmm.  Moving along to Swimming, and to Ian Thorpe’s feet! I placed my shoe next his from the Olympics and two shoes could have fit in there! Amazing! I kicked a footy, I raced on a bike, listened to TV speak about his Olympic experience and met a fellow former distance runner, from NZ, Keith.  We chatted about methods of training and I listened intently, knowing these are men who have raced  in an era where Australia/NZ were at the forefront of distance running.  I was truly inspired and rode home very fast that day to put on my running shoes and RUN! ps. Thanks TV for asking Ron Clarke to sign my postcard of Ron holding the Olympic Torch, very special!