Sydney to Surf…hardest conditions yet

I ventured to Sydney for the City to Surf this year. I recently discovered race bibs from 1990 onwards (that would be considered a collector’s item or simply just hoarding!).  I had skipped a few bibs recently, so it was time to add to the collection and a personalised one with seeded start, was certain to top the collection.

Seeded start!

To be positioned in the front row is both a blessing and a curse, because I went out like a Bolt, sitting in 2nd until 5km (not the plan pre-race!). I had good mileage in the legs but lacking the hill work, I knew I had to capitalise on the limited flat sections.  I quickly fell back into 5th and when my mate, Mitch, went past me wearing a Business Suit, I thought uh oh!  I got some form at the the top of Heartbreak Hill, where I witnessed a young guy lose his shoe! He contemplated for the next 400m, whether to go back and get it, but just kept on running! It was a good distraction, as by now we had hit furious head winds.  I tried to tuck in behind anyone, but came out to full force to grab cups from the drink stations.  It was hectic! The sight of Bondi Beach is a huge spur on, as too, the great crowds that line the course.

I finished in 51:27, 6th place and a minute PB, so all in all it was good, despite my hard out, blow up style of racing.

Next stop was the Sunshine Coast Marathon and Community Run.  It was a first time for Mooloolaba, my old stomping ground when I was a triathlete. I always look forward to returning, you can’t ocean views on a run and jumping in straight after! It was a magic few days, soaking up the view from the Mantra (massive thanks to the organisers and the hotel, it was just bliss!)  Race day was: blue skies and all smiles. I kept a big grin on to at least 3km, where I started to suffer in the heat and clinged onto 3rd place.  Surprisingly, my time was an equal personal best, so happy with the result.  A massive congrats to Adam Fitzy Fitzakerly, who aced his debut marathon with a win in 2:29!  It’s now time to regroup with Zatopek and National Track Series, the focus for Summer….but it will be tough, I can’t wait to race! Thanks to Wishing Photography  for the action shot:

Early stages of Sunshine Coast 10km