Random Mel-bourne…I’m not just in the name

I think I like Melbourne because of it’s quirky and randomness.  Take for example the alleys with cool bars and cafes or a factory in a suburb that has theatre…it’s like my head; full of weird randomness! That is what you will find in my blog, I’m a runner but I am adventurous and often end up backstage, in a media area, talking to cool people cos I’m interested. I’m interested in what makes people tick.ImageSome recent randomness, I was riding my old blue Malvern (Vintage bike), when World Class cyclist for Australia (track) and GreenEdge, Jack Bobridge passed by on Elizabeth St, in the city. I took the opportunity to have a chat and talk Scott Bikes, and how he balances track with road.  I was really impressed, I’ve watched him race and definitely a big future ahead for this young rider. Look forward to seeing him ride in the Giro, his first Grand Tour for team GreenEdge.  Go Jacko!

The first..of many

Welcome to the first blog as an elite runner. For the past 10 years I emailed and posted numerous race results as a professional triathlete competing in everything sprint to ironman events.  The highlight of triathlon was racing in the USA, where the sport is so much bigger.  The crowds, the race set up, and good media exposure.  I remember rocking up to Rev3 and seeing a life size poster of a photo I sent to the race directors! Crazy to see it hanging there in transition! I have no regrets in retiring from triathlon and just being a runner. In fact, it’s where it all began, some 20 years ago! I started in school cross country and joined little athletics. Soon realising I can’t really throw or jump and seem to got the distance, it was natural to pick middle distance events.  I won the Australian All Schools Cross Country in year 11 and won the NSW open 5000m.  Running was a great sport to combate the stress of school, uni, developing, boys, distractions.  Unfortunately a stress fracture meant a long stint of cross training. BUT blessing in disguise, I discovered a new challenge..triathlon. I was woeful in the swim but a handy bike/run combo put me on the podium and all through my career, swimming remained the challenge! Now with sporadic time in the water, I’m very happy. That is the key really, do what makes you happy.  I loved triathlon, and loathed it to.  Travelling with a bike and so much time trying to do 3 disciplines did wear me down. I had 3 months off with Glandular in early 2010.  Flights were booked to go train in Boulder, not meant to be.  I started jog/walking in August and by January, I attempted another triathlon.  By winter 2011, I had officially called it quits on triathlon and ready to focus on road running events 5k, 10k and half marathon.  In November, I did my first track event in 12 years, the 1500m, fate would have its way and reshape those goals.  My coach, Gregor, noted I had speed and strength and 1500, 5000m were the target. First stop, in December/early January; Falls Creek for 3 weeks to train and get strong for the season ahead.  I’ll post about this later, but leave you with this: it is the best place in Victoria to train, recover and have a great time hanging out with a great bunch of people.